About Us

M/s. S G Bagwe Industrial Services is also Sister Concern of G. B. Bagwe Industrial Consultant dealing with industrial Licenses, i.e. Govt. N.O.C. (S.S I. Registration) Part I & Part II, Fire Bridged N.O.C. and M.C.G.M. N.O.C., Final Permits, Storage / Trade Licenses, Factory Act Licenses approval of law, Shop & Estt. Act, Factory Act Licenses, MPCB consent etc. from since last 35 years.
The Company has strong conceptual skills and has effectively initiated and innovated the methodologies and implementation systems by customized application.
The company has highly proficient technical staff and well trained Professionals.
The Company confirms to all statutory requirements and possesses requisites Licenses.

Why Choose M/s. S G Bagwe Industrial Services?
Firstly, it is because each client feels they can entrust such an important function to us with complete confidence. We respect confidentiality. Joining our service allows you to tap into the wealth of experience and knowledge of our Payroll & other Hr services professionals. Innovation is continuous. Furthermore, our staff is always ready to assist with any sort of query. Secondly, it saves your time & money.

We understand that the development of a long term relationship between client and vendor requires us to have knowledge of the clients industry, effective management team and qualified and trained responsible personnel. Our success in the industry has come from our extensively trained personnel backed by the supervision of our own staff. You and your client will be thoroughly satisfied with our approach to effective management solutions, professional support, courtesy, patrols and qualitative service. Take time to compare, we believe competition yields greater productivity.