Audit For Payroll

The Quarterly, Half yearly & Annually audit for payroll can sometimes feel like a time-consuming and expensive process that only benefits the statutory authorities.
You can be confident that your premium amount is being calculated based on your actual payroll, each and every pay period. This minimizes the risk of a negative audit - and an unexpected payout - at the end of the year. But more than that - We aim to offer you the kind of business advice that could help you to run your company efficiently and cost-effectively. We also offer expert corporate tax planning advice, to make sure you're as tax-efficient as possible.
S G Bagwe Industrial Services ensures that all the relevant Internal Audit for Payroll should be as per legal requirements only.

  • To ensure that only valid employees are paid at the correct and authorized rate salaries
  • To ensure that all deductions are correctly calculated and accounted
  • To ensure all Audit records pertaining to Labor Laws are filed on time
  • To ensure Understand the current compliance status
  • To ensure that unauthorized access to the payroll system and data is prevented.
  • To ensure that all payroll transactions are accurately reflected in the accounting system
  • To ensure that regular and accurate management and statutory information is produced.
  • To ensure that company is following all statutory laws and regulations
  • To ensure that the calculations of all payments and deductions are correct and in accord with the relevant taxation and other regulations and requirements.